Book Reviews

The main feature of the book reviews published in the Arab Future Magazine (Al Mustaqbal Al Arabi) according to the scientific standards adopted by the center is that the reviews are critical and analytical away from the descriptive and re-portable trend, and must cover the following main points:

  • Determining the structure of the book and its sections and chapters.
  • Familiarizing the reader with the methodology of the book and the basic question that it tries to answer.
  • Trying to identify the school of thought to which the book belongs.
  • Trying to shed a light on the background of the book (what the writer wants?).
  • Defining the content of the book and the central issue it deals with.
  • Discussing the thesis of the book and explaining it critically.
  • Trying to refer to other books that have a contracting view than that of the chosen book.
  • Trying to evaluate how successful of the book is in answering its interrogations.