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General questions

You can purchase our books through following the steps:
  • Click on the book you desire, or you can alternatively click on the “Publications” tab on the main menu where you find all the book categories, as well as the latest and best-selling book list on the home page
  • Add the book to your cart when you click on “Add to Cart”
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  • Fill in the required data
  • Pay electronically to complete your purchase

You can subscribe to the journals issued by the Center in paper or electronic form, and you can only subscribe for books in a hard copy. Visit the Subscriptions page for full subscription details.

You can get your electronic version of the books published by the Center through Amazon website or Abjjad Platform.

You can visit our Distributors page with the needed addresses and contact information.

You can contribute to the magazine, in Arabic, through many sections subject to the publication rules and regulations, click on the link to read the conditions.

You can send the manuscript of the book in the form of “Word” document to the Centre’s e-mail: info@caus.org.lb

You can support the center through the electronic payment gateway or by sending a direct money transfer to the bank. Kindly visit the Support Center page.

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