Author: Noam Chomsky & Ilan Pappé

Book review by: Luna Fakkas (**)

Published by: Haymarket Books,  Chicago, Illinois

Year of publication: 2010

ISBN: 9781608460977


The 2010’s Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israel’s War Against the Palestinians is co-authored by two prominent and well-respected scholars. Noam Chomsky is a linguist, cognitive scientist and a professor at MIT, and is one of the well known critics of the US and its policies in the world and the Middle East; Ilan Pappé is the director of the European Center for Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter and the chair of the Emil Touma Institute for Palestinian and Israeli Studies in Haifa.

This book is composed by articles and interviews conducted by the editor Frank Barat. The articles are reflections by each of the two authors on the Israeli war in Gaza, the causes and consequences of this war, its place within the Israeli-American policy toward the peace process with the Palestinians, and the implications of this war with respect to the future of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

This book review will present and analyze the arguments raised by authors with respect to the Gaza war and will also reflect on the solutions that they propose with respect to the peace process in light of the outcomes of this war with an emphasis on the perspective of transitional justice. Chapter six, “The Ghettoization of Palestine” is composed of an interview in which both Chomsky and Pappé respond to the same questions with specific emphasis on the plight of the Palestinians and the proposed solutions. In principle, Chomsky and Pappé agree on three points: first, the Palestinian people are victims of ethnic cleansing and massive violations of their human rights on all levels; second, the official strategy of Israel has always been to make the Palestinians live the life of dogs; and finally, there seems to be a shift in the Western public opinion toward the recognition of the need for transitional justice for the Palestinians and the condemnation of Israel and its practices toward them.


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