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Today, the Centre for Arab Unity Studies is facing an unprecedented financial crisis, one unlike any other observed during the last ten years. A crisis so severe that it’s hindering the Centre from progressing with various research, activities and programs, or at the least affecting the pace of new book publications. Especially so, after banks in Lebanon began implementing harsh procedures that ranged from restrictions till deductions on depositors’ accounts, whether individuals or institutions. Such harsh measures are preventing depositors – Centre included – from benefiting from their accounts in hard currency, constricting withdrawals to minimal negligible sums or by harassing the depositor to forfeit a given value of his account which could reach up to a staggering 80 percent. These measures have recently taken yet another perilous turn, making it impossible for the Centre to manoeuvre its soft currency deposits, that have already lost more than 90% of its value so far. This dire reality is preventing the Centre from honouring its commitments and obligations, whether employees’ salaries, or costs of printing books or other financial expenses deemed essential to the workflow. Much of the Expenses and services, such as paper, printing and many other, are only covered if paid in cash dollars, a currency that is virtually un-available due to the banks’ restrictions.

In the face of such crippling financial situation, hard currency resources from outside Lebanon in are the only means to aid the Centre in the face of such severe adversities. Hence, the Centre is exerting every effort to actively participate in book fairs that are held in various Arab countries. Unfortunately, the Centre and for unknown reasons has been denied from participation in annual book fairs in some Arab countries.

Therefore, at such critical stage, the Centre is reaching out for its friends and readers for support, whether by ordering our publications and paying for them in hard currency, or through donations. The Centre welcomes any support to boost its resiliency, to ensure its survival, the continuation of its legacy and its commitment to tackle issues facing the Arabs and the Arab world.



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