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The Arab Journal of Political Science, is a refereed journal published by the Arab Association for Political Science in cooperation with the Centre for Arab Unity Studies since 2006. The journal aims to publish studies and articles dealing with theoretical political affairs and various Arab, regional and national strategic issues. The themes of the journal are divided into different sections between files, studies, opinions, book reviews and reports. It also seeks through the association to develop relations between Arab researchers in the field of political science in the Arab countries and the call for freedom of opinion and thought.

Publication Standards

  • The Arab Journal of Political Science welcomes the publication of research and studies of high academic caliber. The journal welcomes submissions whether in paper or electronic format, as long as they are written in Arabic, and not published elsewhere.
  • A main requirement for publishing in the journal is for the research or study to meet the scientific standards, in terms of methodology, rooting and presenting new schemes, relying on tangible data and facts, ensuring the validity of information, honesty in quoting and accurate margins and scientific referencing in a manner that covers all required information about the source (Whether it is a book, an article, or a report…), in coherent, clear textual and linguistic structure, far from stuffing, repetition, from generalizations and selectivity, and from prejudices that are not based on evidence and accumulations of knowledge and valid research results.
  • The study is to include an executive summary within 100 words, in both Arabic and English; an introduction, a methodological outline, and a theoretical framework, which includes the basic idea of the study, its objectives, the methodologies it adopts, the questions it raises, and a theoretical basis for the research, provided that the volume of these sections does not exceed 15 percent of the text. This is to be followed by the body, dealing with the topic of the research from general to specific, along several chapters and multi-level subheadings. The body is to occupy about 75 percent of the research. At last, the conclusion, which briefly presents the most important assumptions that the research reached, and come out with brief deductions and recommendations (10 percent of the text). The size of the study (including the executive summary and footnotes or references) should not exceed 7,000-8,000 words.
  • All contributions sent to the journal that comply with the publishing conditions set forth above are reviewed and presented to the journal’s arbitration committee for approval or rejection, with the journal’s right to request from the author to make amendments. The writer is notified of the arbitration committee’s decision within a period of 6-8 weeks.
  • Research and studies, and other texts intended for publication, are to be sent in electronic format (Microsoft Word), to the Center for Arab Unity Studies on the following email (info@caus.org.lb) or at the editor in Chief’s mail (alichokr@gmail.com).

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