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The Arab Future (Al-Mustaqbal Al-Arabi) is a peer-reviewed monthly Arabic journal published by the Center for Arab Unity Studies since 1978. It is concerned with the affairs of the Arab world, its renaissance and unity, and what is related to it and affects it regionally and internationally at various political, economic, social, cultural, environmental, scientific and technological levels. The journal stimulates a critical sense, and seeks in its various sections to provide a scientific, rational and objective reading of the issues and files raised or important Arab and international, as it discusses controversial issues from multiple perspectives.

The topics of the journal are divided into different sections, each of which has its own criteria and for publishing its conditions. It expands its pages to various Arab researchers and gives priority to new texts, both at the level of data and information, or at the level of methodological and theoretical approaches and conclusions.

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Luna AbuSwaireh


Fares Abi Saab

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Gaby El-Khoury


Obada Kaser


Salam Saad

Editorial secretary

Mohamad Shouman


Zeinab Sabra


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