The Scourging of Iraq : Sanctions, Law and Natural Justice

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The Center for Arab Unity Studies released the third edition of Jeff Simons’ Punishment, Iraq, Punishment, Law and Justice book

The American war on Iraq since the nineties of the twentieth century has not been a conventional war. The sanctions and blockades that followed the military operations against Iraq represented a kind of slow destruction of Iraq, its people, its land, its’ environment and its economy. This was done through punitive measures that have resulted in impoverishment, disease, starvation and death of hundreds of thousands of the Iraqi people, children, elderly, women and men, as well as causing the spread of diseases and birth defects that the Iraqi people will not be able get rid of its effects for generations.

This book documents and analyzes the economic sanctions campaign on Iraq which took place after the second Gulf War. It discusses the devastating  effects this war had and the extent of these sanctions inconsistencies in violating international law, including the Geneva Convention of 1949 and the United Nations Charter on Genocide.

The book connects those sanctions with the oil and economic interests of the United States of America in Iraq, which also contradict the morality of its slogans on democracy and the defense of human rights. It reveals the extensive amount of violations deftly committed by the United States against international law and United Nations charters, whenever its economic and strategic interests call for it.

The book includes five chapters, an introduction, appendices, a list of references and an index.


جيف سيمونز

كاتب بريطاني (1939-2011)، عمل مراسلاً لعدد من الصحف، منها التايمز، وصنداي تايمز، وذا إندبندنت، والغارديان، ونيو ستيتسمان، ونجمة الصباح. له عدد كبير من المؤلفات في موضوعات سياسية واجتماعية وعلمية متنوعة، بما فيها عدد من الكتب التي تحلل وتنتقد الحروب والعقوبات الاقتصادية الأمريكية ضد العراق.

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