Spiritual Diplomacy and the Abrahamic Interfaith: Colonial Plan of the New Century

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AuthorHeba Gamal El dean M. El-AzabDate25/11/2022No. of Pages288EditionSecondISBN9786144980071

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The Center for Arab Unity Studies published the second edition of the book Spiritual Diplomacy and the Abrahamic Interfaith: Colonial Plan of the New Century, by Dr. Heba Gamal El dean M. El-Azab.
In recent years, new intellectual and political terms, that employ religion in the service of American foreign policy and the Zionist project in the region, have appeared in the speech of American diplomacy and some study centers as well as universities in the United States and Israel. Among these terms is the term “Abrahamic Interfaith” which promotes the existence of common denominators between the three “Celestial” religions that should establish a new alleged Abrahamic religion that excludes differences between these religions. This religion aims to absent the existential contradiction between the Zionist colonial and racist settlement project, and the historical rights of the Palestinian and Arab people in general in the region. And the term “spiritual diplomacy” promotes human rights and “peace” to confront violence and terrorism, that is, to forgive Israel for everything it has practiced and is still practicing in terms of hatred, massacres and violations of human rights.
This book examines the New Abrahamic Project and analyzes the concepts of “the Abrahamic Interfaith” and “Spiritual Diplomacy”, and reveals their link with Christian Zionism prevalent in the corridors of the US Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense. The book also reveals the plans that are being implemented on the ground in occupied Palestine and some countries in the Middle East, including Arab countries, With the aim of imposing US-Israeli hegemony over the region; Among them are the plans of the “Abraham Path”, the “Path of the Knights of the Temple” and the “Sufi Turkish Path”, which are being passed under the slogan of world religious peace, and the “Abrahamic United States” plan, which is implemented through the “Deal of the Century”.



هبة جمال الدين محمد العزب

الأستاذ المساعد في الدراسات المستقبلية والعلوم السياسية في معهد التخطيط القومي–القاهرة، وعضو المجلس المصري للشؤون الخارجية وجمعية الصداقة المصرية - الصينية، حائزة جائزة الدولة التشجيعية من جمهورية مصر العربية لعام 2022 عن هذا الكتاب، إضافةً إلى جوائز أُخرى.
صدر لها عدة كتب، منها: الديانة الإبراهيمية وصفقة القرن، أزمة اليسار الإسرائيلي، دور مراكز الفكر في صنع السياسة العامة، الدبلوماسية الروحية: مسار جديد ومخاطر کامنة وسياسات بديلة لصانع القرار، مبادرة الحزام والطريق والعلاقات الصينية – العربية؛ تمكين الشباب العربي والفرص الكامنة.

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