Heritage and Modernism: Studies and Discussions

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AuthorMohammed Abed Al-JabriDate30/1/2020No. of Pages376الطبعةsixthISBN9789953828954


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This book is a collection of studies dealing with various topics that were published at different timings. All revolve around questions of method and perceptions in heritage studies, hence the reason for the Center for Arab Unity Studies to undertake the task of publishing this book.

The first section includes a number of studies, some of which directly deal with questions of theoretical and practical approaches, while others raise the necessity of further engaging in contemporary global thought in order to benefit from modern approaches and open up to new paradigms.The second section includes another group of studies which are rather practical in nature or concern methodologies with regards to the theme of this book.

Since Al-Jabri’s work in this field has been held to scrutiny by a number of researchers and academics in Morocco and the Levant, the author considered it useful adding in the third section of the book a series of interviews and discussions he engaged in with other researchers. These texts are particularly important because they include clarifications of the issues raised in this book, and  they present the views of experts that are slightly or significantly different from his, thus enriching the topic at hand and opening up new horizons to the reader.

The book includes ten chapters, an introduction, a list of references and an index.


محمود عابد الجابري

ولد في المغرب عام 1936. وافاه الأجل في 3/5/2010. حصل على دكتوراه الدولة في الفلسفة عام
1970 من كلية الآداب بالرباط. له العديد من الكتب المنشورة منها:
■ العصبية والدولة: معالم نظرية خلدونية في التاريخ العربي الإسلامي (1971)
■ مدخل إلى فلسفة العلوم، جزءان (1976)
■ تكوين العقل العربي (نقد العقل العربي (1)) (1982)

■ بنية العقل العربي: دراسة تحليلية نقدية لنظم المعرفة في الثقافة العربية (نقد العقل العربي (2)) (1986)

■ العقل السياسي العربي، محدداته وتجلياته (نقد العقل العربي (3)) (1990)

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