Leading Society towards Change: Educational Experience of the Revolution of Dhofar (1969-1992)

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The Center For Arab Unity Studies published the second edition of the book Leading Society towards Change: Educational Experience of the Revolution of Dhofar (1969-1992) by Mona Salem Said Ja’ abub.

The Dhofar Revolution (1965-1975) was not just an armed liberation movement directed against the colonial presence in the Arabian Peninsula. It was a revolutionary, transformative and modernizing movement whose programs included various political, economic, social and cultural issues that society in Oman and the Arabian Peninsula in general suffered from. The educational dimension occupied an important aspect of these concerns; And what distinguished the Dhofar revolutionaries was that their educational policy was directed at everyone with the aim of leading society towards change.

This book deals with the goals on which the educational philosophy of the Dhofar Revolution was based. It examines the serious and organized work undertaken by the Dhofar revolutionaries that aimed at forming educational beliefs. After the second conference of the Dhofar Liberation Front, which was held in Hamrin in 1968, the revolution was no longer just a rebellion or a movement aimed at liberating the land and changing the government, but rather a movement with an educational philosophy targeting the entire society. And if the Hamrin Conference determined the ideology of the revolution in September 1968, the national action programs of December 1971 and July 1974 drew the philosophical and practical features of the popular revolutionaries.

This book represents an important scientific reference for the study of one of the chapters of contemporary Arab history, using the integrated research methodology, which combines intellectual foresight with field work methods. The author of the book made a unique field and intellectual effort to research a topic related to a historical event that had significance in its time, which is the “Dhofar Revolution”, based on rare documents and interviews with a number of historical figures of the revolution, from their geographically distant locations.


منى سالم سعيد جعبوب

كاتبة وباحثة عمانية، رئيسة مجلس الأمناء لمؤسسة «مجلس ظفار» الثقافي. لها مساهمات فكرية وبحثية حول المجتمع وحقوق المرأة ودورها في عمان.

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