Sadat and Israel: Conflict of Myths and Illusions

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The book deals with one of the most important Arab-Egyptian literature in contemporary Arab history, which recounts some of the most influential historical events that shaped the course of Arab modern history, a succession of major landmarks that were carried out by the then President Gamal Abdel Nasser. The Egyptian revolution that toppled down the constitutional monarchy, ended the rule of feudalism, as well as Egypt’s subordination to western colonialism, sparked a wave of protests and strong sentiments for national liberation all across the Arab region and the developing world. On the other hand, the events that unfolded under the subsequent President Anwar Sadat, although carried out in a different light, were no less influential to the fates of the Egyptian people and the Arab world: whereas Nasser accomplished great strides in mobilizing the Arab peoples for the reaching of an Arab unity and for the liberation of Palestine and the occupied Arab lands, President Anwar Sadat fell short of expectation as soon as he ascended to power by wagering on an agreement of unilateral peace with the Zionist entity and by opening up to the West and its programs of economic and political recalibration.

This book chronicles the era of President Anwar Sadat’s mandate and explores the political ventures he wagered on during his tenure, throughout which the decisions he made were heavily fraught with the delusion of working towards the achievement of peace and prosperity. These decisions consequently led to the Camp David accord which, despite the passage of four decades after its signing, did not deliver the delusionary promise of restoring the occupied lands to the Palestinian peoples, and the restoration of peace and prosperity.


مجدي حماد

■ حاز الدكتوراه في العلوم السياسية من كلية الاقتصاد والعلوم السياسة في جامعة القاهرة 1980.
■ درّس في عدد من الجامعات والمعاهد المصريه، وهو يعمل" منذ عام 2001 أستاذاً في الجامحة اللبنانية الدولية (لبنان)، وهو رئيس مجلس أمنائها منذ عام 2010، وكان رئيساً لها وعضواً في مجلس أمنائها في أعوام 2002-2010.
■ له عدد كبير من المؤلفات في السياسة والعلاقات الدولية.

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