Geopolitic of Energy in the Eastern Basin of the Mediterranean

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The Center for Arab Unity Studies has published the book Geopolitic of Energy in the Eastern Basin of the Mediterranean by Zahraa Abbas Hadi.

The Eastern Mediterranean region occupies a position of great strategic importance in the world due to its geographical location in the middle of the three continents (Asia, Africa and Europe), linking these continents, and it has played and still plays an important role in global trade lines and energy transfer to Europe and the United States of America. Historically, this made it vulnerable to foreign colonial projects that aimed at controlling its strategic location and looting its wealth, so the Zionist entity was planted in its heart to serve these projects. The importance of this region has increased with the new discoveries of energy sources (oil and natural gas) in the deep waters of the eastern Mediterranean, especially in the eastern basin, which covers the maritime areas of Syria, Lebanon, occupied Palestine and Cyprus; which are resources that can provide a historical opportunity for the countries of this basin to achieve a high leap in their economic and social development, were it not for the political crises and military conflicts that this region suffers from due to the Zionist entity’s planting in Her heart.

This book examines the geopolitical importance of discovering new energy resources, including oil and natural gas, in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, and the economic effects of these resources on the countries of the region and its neighborhood, or even in the major countries. It also sheds light on the conflicts that accompany the discovery of these resources between some countries due to the Zionist occupation and its colonial ambitions in the region, or because of border disputes in other cases.


زهراء عباس هادي

باحثة عراقية من مواليد مدينة الحلة، بابل، عام 1988. حازت شهادة الدكتوراه في الجغرافيا السياسية من قسم الجغرافيا في كلية التربية للبنات، جامعة الكوفة، عام 2018 . وهي أستاذة الجغرافيا السياسية في قسم الجغرافيا - كلية التربية للعلوم الإنسانية، جامعة بابل. نشرت عددًا من البحوث العلمية في موسوعة ومجلات علمية، وشاركت في مؤتمرات علمية، ونشرت عددًا من القصائد الشعرية في مواقع إلكترونية وصحف ومجلات عراقية.

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