Civilizational Critique of the Arab Society at the End of the 20th Century

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The Center for Arab Unity Studies released the fourth edition of the book Civilizational Critique of the Arab Society at the End of the 20th Century by Dr. Hisham Sharabi.

This study aims to develop an intellectual framework that helps define a critical analytical approach that deals with Arab society in its historical and social dimensions, through which it can address the issues behind the social, intellectual and political crises that Arab society suffers from.

If we want our Arab society to overcome its worsening crises, regain its strength and re-enter the course of history, a process of civilized criticism must be carried out that enables us to create an independent self-awareness and restore purposeful rationality. This can only be achieved through free intellectual interaction and continuous discussion, not only between “thinkers” and “intellectuals,” but also between all groups, parties, and groupings, and at the level of society as a whole.

What is happening in the world today is the beginning of a new era and new social practices that stem from a different type of democracy that actually proceeds from direct popular sovereignty, which rejects all kinds of patriarchy and bureaucracy and its different ideologies.

Civilizational criticism represents the basic condition for the process of social change, and it is the first step for any serious social movement that aims to eradicate patriarchy from our society and to lead it towards another future decided by its children, not the oppressed or the few who benefit from it.

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