Cinema and Society in the Arab World: The Directorsʼ Critical Dictionary

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The Arab Library suffers from this lack of in-depth cinematic history, and without the follow-up and press dialogues, and some sporadic studies, and some projects in universities, could have been said that the Arabic library is empty of these topics, especially at the level of the development of a comprehensive book of an encyclopedic nature combining history, analysis and criticism.

Film critic Ibrahim Al-Aris tackled this task for years, until he has authored an analytical-analytical encyclopedia that monitors Arab film production from various angles under the title: »Cinema and Society in the Arab World«, which comes in 3 volumes: 1- Movies. 2 – Directors. 3 – Analysis. The first volume includes about 200 films; the second volume deals with the experiences of two hundred directors; and the Encyclopedia concludes in volume three with a comprehensive evaluation study.

The Center for Arab Unity Studies, presenting the first volume of this encyclopedia, hopes that this project will play a major role in bridging the shortage of Arab cinema history.


إبراهيم العريس

ناقد سينمائي ومؤرخ وباحث ثقافي، مارس العمل السينمائي قبل أن يدرس الإخراج السينمائي في روما والنقد والسيناريو في لندن. وضع وترجم عدداً من الكتب في السينما والفكر والاقتصاد والنقد. يكتب حالياً النقد السينمائي في صحيفة الحياة؛ حيث له أيضاً زاوية يومية حول التراث الإنساني في الثقافة العالمية.

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