The Arab Renaissance Project (ARP) is a landmark document in the history of contemporary Arab nationalism. It represents the major concerns of Arab nationalists and their proposed narrative. It covers the major issues discussed by intellectuals, scholars, and political activists in the Arab world. ARP is likely to continue generating debates about the particulars of the proposed program.


On 22 February 2010 the Center for Arab Unity Studies (CAUS) published a booklet entitled The Arab Renaissance Project (ARP) as a high point for the various events commemorating the 52nd anniversary of the union between Egypt and Syria. The union of the United Arab Republic (UAR), though short-lived, was a major landmark in the history of the region, and it symbolized the ultimate goal of Arab nationalism. Before, during and after that date Arab unity – whether at the state or the popular level – was and still is the central preoccupation of Arab intellectuals and elites. CAUS has been a spearhead of the Arab nationalist movement and has been instrumental in mobilizing the energies of Arab intellectuals, and its name is testament to that commitment.

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independent development

cultural renewal





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