Pages of my struggle: Memoirs of George Habash

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On the 11th anniversary of the departure of the Palestinian Arab fighter and leader Dr. George Habash (2 August 1926 – 26 January 2008), the Center for Arab Unity Studies issued Dr. Habash’s memoirs in a book titled “Memoirs of George Habash” that  covers the most prominent stations and experience of struggle for about half a century.

It is difficult to shorten the biography of the Palestinian Cause and the Arab-Israeli conflict by a book of this size. But if the book is a memoir of one of the senior leaders of the Palestinian revolution and the Arab liberation movement, this has another meaning. For half a century, he was one of the first initiators of the establishment of the Arab Nationalist Movement and the launching of the Palestinian Revolution and armed struggle after the 1948 Nakba,  He lived this revolution and made part of its history day by day, moving in this struggle between work in disguise at times, and work behind the bars of Arab prisons sometimes, and public work, but doomed to extraordinary security measures, in most cases.

In these memoirs, which represent the final text in his series of political and intellectual writings, Al-Hakim does not provide a descriptive account of his struggle and the events he lived through, but rather provides a reading of events and facts from a specific point of view in accordance with an intellectual and political vision and according to principled principles that governed his behavior and attitudes, which established a school in revolutionary work, the present and future Arab generations still need to be informed about, albeit with a critical sense, to learn from the mistakes of the past, to fortify in the face of a culture of defeat, subordination and normalization that dominates the Arab political scene, and to face the challenges, dangers and downturns facing the Arab World today, at the time when the Zionist project is still perched on the land of Palestine.

The book was edited and presented by Dr. Seif Dana, and his introduction, conclusion and final chapter were made by Mrs. Hilda Habash.

The book includes 22 chapters along with introduction, introduction, conclusion and appendices.

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