Memories… An Incompleted Biography

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AuthorConstantin ZureiqDate17/5/2017No. of Pages95EditionfirstISBN9789953828015


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Constantine Zureiq wrote these memories in the last days of his life. The days did not give him time to complete it as he had intended. Therefore, his memories were limited to the days of his childhood and youth, and did not tell us, as he pointed out, his attitudes and opinions, and how they crystallized when matured and addressed the major issues of the Arab nation. Nor did he tell us about his struggle to nurture a committed Arab generation, sober Arab education, conscious and virtuous. Perhaps if he had been able to complete his memoirs, he would have devoted the Palestinian issue to careful treatment after years of daily follow-up to this issue, and to directing its researchers. Therefore, these memories, which are published for the first time, are of special significance, they shed light on the march of one of the most prominent Arab thinkers of the twentieth century, and the impact of bitter experiences and defeats and calamities suffered in this march.

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