Contemporary Arab Discourse: A Critical Analytic Study

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AuthorMohammed Abed Al-JabriDate30/6/2021No. of Pages218الطبعةseventhISBN9789953829425


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The Center for Arab Unity Studies published the seventh edition of the book Contemporary Arab Discourse: A Critical Analytic Study by Dr. Mohamed Abed Al-Jabri.

In this book, Mohamed Abed Al-Jabri presents a critical reading of the modern and contemporary Arab discourse, in its various renaissance and ideological tendencies, and in its various political, economic, social and cultural dimensions, with the aim of diagnosing and dismantling this discourse and revealing its flaws and contradictions, both in its form and in its structure.

Al-Jabri classifies the Arab discourse into four categories: the renaissance discourse, which revolves around the issue of renaissance in general, and intellectual as well as cultural renewal in particular; The political discourse centered on “secularism” and what is related to it, and democracy and its problematic; And the nationalist discourse centered around the problematic “necessary coherence” that Arab thought establishes between unity and socialism on the one hand, and between it and the liberation of Palestine on the other; Then comes the philosophical discourse, finally, to return the reader to the core of the general problem of modern and contemporary Arab discourse, that is, the problem of authenticity and contemporary.


محمود عابد الجابري

ولد في المغرب عام 1936. وافاه الأجل في 3/5/2010. حصل على دكتوراه الدولة في الفلسفة عام
1970 من كلية الآداب بالرباط. له العديد من الكتب المنشورة منها:
■ العصبية والدولة: معالم نظرية خلدونية في التاريخ العربي الإسلامي (1971)
■ مدخل إلى فلسفة العلوم، جزءان (1976)
■ تكوين العقل العربي (نقد العقل العربي (1)) (1982)

■ بنية العقل العربي: دراسة تحليلية نقدية لنظم المعرفة في الثقافة العربية (نقد العقل العربي (2)) (1986)

■ العقل السياسي العربي، محدداته وتجلياته (نقد العقل العربي (3)) (1990)

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