Jerusalem: The True History from the Oldest Ages to the Persian Occupation

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With the acceleration of the Zionist steps towards gnawing more Palestinian lands and formally annexing them to the Israeli entity- including the lands of Jerusalem which Israel declared with American blessing “the capital of Israel”-  the importance of intellectual and scientific efforts  increases  to reveal the falsehood of the historical claims of the Zionist entity to implement  its colonial settlement project in Palestine, specially that this entity succeeded in marketing its claims globally, employing the biblical narration on one hand, and distorted excavations and archaeological studies on the other hand, to formulate a historical story of Jerusalem and Palestine falsifying the true identity of Palestine and its people over thousands of years.

This book exposes the falsehood of the “Israeli” narration about the history of Jerusalem, and Palestine in general, by presenting a narrative that differs from that history, free from the legendary background derived from the Torah on the one hand, and from the prior assumptions that governed the archaeological studies that made the biblical narration a historical and geographical reference For her, and sought to absent the Palestinian Arab identity from the archaeological finds in Palestine. The book contributes to the formulation of a true history of the city of Jerusalem, extending for thousands of years, and it works to dismantle the biblical narration as a true history, relying on the results of archaeological excavations and modern archaeological information that have proven that all the Zionist claims linking the city of Jerusalem to the biblical narration are fake and baseless allegations in history.


أحمد الدبش

كاتب وباحث فلسطيني في التاريخ القديم، من بلدة القبيبة، قضاء الرملة. مجاز في الحقوق من جامعة عين شمس. وهو عضو في نقابة المحامين المصريين، إضافةً إلى كونه عضوًا في اتحاد المحامين العرب، وعضوًا في اتحاد الكُتَّاب السويدي، وعضو نقابة الصحافيين السويدية. له عدَّة مؤلفات في التاريخ القديم، وجغرافية الكتاب المقدس، منها: بحثًا عن النبي إبراهيم؛ فلسطين: من هنا بدأت الحضارة من العصر الحجري القديم إلى العصر الحجري النحاسي؛ وغيرها من المؤلفات.

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