Injustice in the Arab World and the Road to Justice

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This report, which sparked a wave of controversy before its issuing, explores the various practices and causes of injustice in the Arab world. It examines the lack or absence of justice, and equal opportunities of that lack thereof, failing development policies, human rights violations, and several other forms of injustices perpetrated against the Arab peoples. Forms of injustices range from physical and mental harm to the deprivation of the most basic needs of human life, and ultimately the pressure exerted on common people to immigrate which causes citizens to be expropriated from their own lands and lands to be expropriated from their own citizens.

The report was initially commissioned by the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia at the United Nations (ESCWA) and was scheduled to be published in 2016. However, the objections and pressures exerted on the United Nations prevented its issuance as an official report. In view of the scientific and moral value of the report, the Center for Arab Unity Studies decided to publish the document in agreement with the contributors of the report. The research team is mainly composed of Arab researchers and consultants who are well established in their fields of expertise and well known for their credibility, impartiality, and intellectual autonomy.

مركز دراسات الوحدة العربية

مركز دراسات الوحدة العربية

The urgency for the establishment for an Arab Unity as a means of reaching independence, solutions to political and economic turmoil, and the establishment a network of cooperation and mutual assistant-ship among countries of the region.

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