From Al-Khwarizmi to Descartes: Studies in the History of Classical Mathematics

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This book summarizes decades of relentless research in the history of mathematics, in which the author chose two parameters: al-Khwarizmi, the inventor of algebra at the beginning of medieval mathematical productions, Descartes, the philosopher and founder of analytical engineering at the beginning of the modern era, to trace step by step the development of concepts in the then-known branches of mathematics, algebra and arithmetic, arithmetic’s, and geometry; and clarifies the emergence of research traditions and successive doctrines and its connection to the communities where it emerged.

Roshdi Rashed precisely identifies the novelty’s position in Descartes’ geometry, which made it a springboard for the modern era. At the same time, it proves the relevance of the book to the traditions that preceded it, with the works of Omar al-Khayyam, six centuries before the book of geometry, showing the dialectical relationship in every leading scientific work, continuity and discontinuity, and working within a tradition and severing the connection with it.

The Center for Arab Unity Studies publishes this monumental work with the support of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, because of the scientific value of this book and the indispensable reference for those working in the history of science, and in epistemology, specifically in the philosophy and history of mathematics; but for mathematicians themselves who know that the progress of their research is often linked to knowledge of the development of ideas and the tools put into practice, and to the general Arab intellectuals, who want to obey the actual contribution of mathematics written in Arabic – over eight centuries.

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