Beauty Attribute in Man’s Awareness (The Sociology of Aesthetics)

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AuthorRifaat ChadirjiDate29/3/2022No. of Pages208الطبعةsecondISBN9789953829777


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The Center for Arab Unity Studies has released the second edition of the book Beauty Attribute in Man’s Awareness (The Sociology of Aesthetics) by Dr. Rifa’at Chadirji.

This book is a philosophical study on the nature of beauty in the sociology of human consciousness and its need for the quality of beauty. The book presents and analyzes the human relationship with work and his living and psychological needs for this work since his inception as a sane being, and the impact of civilizational development on the balance between utilitarian and symbolic motives in his need component and the aesthetic motives that are threatened to besieged for contemporary man; especially with the development of civilization and the rise of the industrial revolution and the accompanying mechanization and pollution For visual insights of the built environment.

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مركز دراسات الوحدة العربية

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