Al-Awsaj (3 Volumes)

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AuthorAli Khalifa al-kuwariDate30/9/2022No. of Pages766 (total)الطبعةSecondISBN9786144980002- 9786144980019- 9786144980026

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The Centre for Arab Unity Studies published Al-Awsaj (3 Volumes) by Ali Khalifa al-kuwari.

This book is a biography that summarizes the life of a person full of events, transformations, difficulties and achievements, and at the same time chronicles the developments of a country that has been ravaged over half a century by economic, social and political changes, in which the emergence of oil and gas played a pivotal role.

  • Part One (Al-Awsaj Biography and Memories (1) The conditions of Qatar and its people 1953-1974).
  • Part Two (Al-Awsaj Biography and Memories (2) Oil and What Do You Know What Oil Is 1974-1980).
  • Part Three (Al-Awsaj Biography and Memories (3) Returning to the Beginnings of 1983-1992).
مركز دراسات الوحدة العربية

مركز دراسات الوحدة العربية

The urgency for the establishment for an Arab Unity as a means of reaching independence, solutions to political and economic turmoil, and the establishment a network of cooperation and mutual assistant-ship among countries of the region.

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