Steady development of China–Arab economic relations has been taking place in a turbulent international environment, especially at political and economic levels. In such a context, this study shifts the attention towards approaching China–Arab economic relations from the perspective of international political economy. It is divided into three sections. The first provides a brief historical introduction to the relations between China and the Arab world. The second examines some of the main challenges that face China–Arab economic relations. The third explores the opportunities in which both parties should invest in order to reach the level of strategic partnership. The study approaches the subject from the perspective of international political economy and concludes with a discussion on how the political can play an incentive role for China–Arab economic relations.
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(*) Contemporary Arab Affairs, Vol. 10 No. 4, October 2017; (pp. 577–595) DOI: 10.1080/17550912.2017.1402481

Published By: University of California Press Journals
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(**) Mohamed Hamchi : Political Science Department, University of Oum El Bouaghi, Algeria

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