The most elaborate conference to deal with the idea of the one-state solution to the Palestinian–Israeli conflict and the first ever held in North America convened at the University of Massachusetts – Boston on 28–29 March 2009. It was sponsored by the Trans Arab Research Institute (TARI), an independent American Think Tank, and the William Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social Consequences.

The convenors were convinced the time had come for the international community to pronounce that the conditions Israel had created in the occupied territories render the two-state solution an impossibility. They further believed there is an urgent need to start exploring in earnest the only option for a peaceful negotiated settlement offering peace with justice for all concerned: Israeli Jews, Palestinian citizens of Israel, the 1948 refugees and their descendants, and those who have endured more than four decades of military occupation – a single democratic, secular and multicultural state in all of historic Palestine. The task set for the conference was ambitious, but vital. Some 35 world-renowned scholars affiliated with some of the world’s best-known institutions of higher learning and an audience of more than 500 met to consider the idea of One State for Palestine/Israel: A Country for All Its Citizens.

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