The Arab debate on the issue of the Arab–Israeli confrontation and the outlook for the conflict is treated in depth by two books published by the Centre for Arab Unity Studies (CAUS) in Beirut. These two titles are The Arabs and the Confrontation with Israel: Future Prospects (2000) and The One-State Solution to the Arab–Israeli Conflict: One Country for All its Citizens (2012) (Abu Lughod 2000; and Faris 2012 respectively). The strategy behind this debate is developed in a manner analogous to climbing a ladder using the capabilities and resources at hand; each consecutive step of the strategy is built on the preceding one and these steps accumulate over a specific period of time. The contributions and discussions published in Abu Lughod (2000), although not yet at the final stage of crystallizing this strategy, do constitute a significant stage on the path towards that. This strategy, according to Mahmoud Abdel-Fadil, is characterized by ‘realism, compatibility and optimization’ (Abu Lughod 2000, 1723).

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Confrontation with Israel

Arab–Israeli confrontation





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