The ARAB FUTURE (AL MUSTAQBAL AL ARABI), No. 523, September 2022

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⬛ Editorial

Resistance and Arab Nationalism …………………………  Ibrahim Alloush        7

⬛ Studies

East-West Dialogue from the Perspective
of «Cultural Symbol» Theory …………………………  Mahmoud Dhaouadi      11

The clash of cultures or, conversely, dialogue between cultures has long been an issue of contemporary interest. The Covid-19 pandemic has likely aggravated these dynamics, due to the ensuing fear and hatred of the Other and people’s attempt to distance themselves as far away as possible from others. By contrast, Arab political and cultural discourse calls for dialogue with the West. The author of this study draws on his cultural symbol theory to interpret and form an understanding of the circumstances of this dialogue. This theory is first and foremost based on the belief that «humans are, by nature, cultural beings,» due to the centrality of what the author refers to as «cultural symbols» in people’s identity. In fact, these are distinctive features that humans have over other species or modern AI-powered machines.

European Approach to the Libyan Crisis:
The Limits of the EuroMed Security Partnership ………….  Ahmad Solhi      23

This study tackles the Euro-Mediterranean partnership and its transformations and addresses its various aspects and challenges. It explores the European approach to cooperation with the purpose of achieving integration and joint security in the Mediterranean region. Specifically, the study examines the problematic of the Euro-Med approach to the Libyan crisis, and the hypothesis that it constitutes a test for this partnership. Indeed, the Libyan crisis has revealed the limits of the Euro-Med partnership in managing the situation to ensure stability in the region, as European disunity and competition have inhibited the potential of this partnership. The study comes to the conclusion that a new approach is needed – one that would end competition within the EU and reinforce its role within the framework of a collaborative effort to find a political solution to the Libyan crisis, with a view to rebuilding the EuroMed partnership, based on an approach that responds to regional transformations.

Political Participation and Empowerment
of the Youth in Morocco ……………………………………….  Said Chougag      43

This study explores the reality of the youth’s political participation and empowerment in Morocco in order to place renewed emphasis on the value of empowerment and its role in building society. This aim is hindered by undeniable legal and institutional challenges. However, the Moroccan youth have unshakable resolve, and they are determined to continuously reinforce their political participation in the management of public affairs to gain recognition for their competence and their leadership potential within and without the political field in a society in transition. Political participation is a primary area of contention for the youth, as it is the main gateway to uphold democracy. The youth have a central role to play in urging citizens, both men and women, to join political parties.

Demographic Composition of Eastern Jewish Communities
in Israel: Integration and Discrimination ………..  Ruba Obada Maswada      57

Israeli society consists of Jewish immigrants and settlers from different racial groups. Due to the large number and cultural diversity of these immigrants, Israel had to adopt several policies to both absorb and integrate them. This caused a serious problem in Israeli society, particularly for eastern Jewish communities coming from Arab countries, who represent an important part of this society. However, Israel faced severe crisis due to its racial discrimination against this segment of the population, which was seen as inferior to European Jews. This gave rise to a major conflict between eastern and western Jewish communities, fueled by class, culture, and civilization differences.

⬛ Covid-19 in a Troubled World (6th issue)

Repercussions of Covid-19
on the European Union ……………………….  Dina Mohammed Tamman

and Mohammed Shawky Abdel Aal El-Anany      69

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic, social, and political repercussions have revealed numerous vulnerabilities in the face of severe disasters, both at the level of governments and major cooperative entities, believed to be the ideal model around the world. Although the European Union is among the largest of such entities, the pandemic uncovered many shortcomings in this massive international organization. Individualism, self-interest, and the lack of solidarity were common features of the EU’s decision-making during the first wave of the pandemic. This study sheds light on the current reality of EU countries following the spread of Covid-19, as well as the EU’s future in dealing with major disasters.

Covid-19 in the West: The Decline of Liberal Values
and the Stealthy Rise of Nationalism ………………………  Khedidja Ziani

and Mohammed Halim Limam      87

This study analyzes the return of nationalism and its role in the decline of democracy and liberal values, which have coincided with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It discusses the various outlooks and opinions on the upsurge of nationalism and the return of borders or, conversely, their decline in case international cooperation and solidarity are reinforced in response to the pandemic. The study also discusses the potential regression of democracy in favor of tyranny, which would expand and exacerbate authoritarianism in political regimes around the world. It highlights how emergencies are often exploited to solidify tyrannical rule and draws lessons from the Covid-19 crisis, particularly with regard to the rapid advance of nationalism and the shortcomings of globalization and democracy in the face of a nationalist, populist model with authoritarian tendencies that has to some extent managed to propagate its racial, anti-pluralistic discourse.

Social Welfare and the Challenges of Protection
against the Threat of Covid-19 ……………………….  Mohammed Mejahri    104

With the intensification of the health crisis and the rising number of Covid-19 infections, countries around the world found themselves faced with the inevitable need to reconsider their development programs to contain this emerging threat and find new ways to protect their citizens against any potential humanitarian disaster in the near future. As a result, it is necessary to adopt new development plans based on welfare programs focusing on two main areas: the quality of health services and the efficiency of social protection. These objectives require significant investment in human resources through capacity-building and empowerment, in order to enable them to adapt positively to natural and economic transformations by ensuring decent living conditions to sustain development and welfare. This, in turn, calls for substantial reforms in development visions.

⬛ Articles and Opinions

The Agricultural Issue in Yemen and its Relation
to Independent Development ………………………………..  Zayd Ali Basha    121

⬛ Major Figures

Nazira Zeinedine: Pioneer of the Feminist Thought …….  Nadia Hanawi    127

⬛ Book Reviews

The Unspoken Part in History ………………………………..  Fadl Al Naqib    143

Political Parties and Protests in Morocco 1934–2020 (Munia
Bennani–Chraibi) ……..  Elhabib Stati Zineddine and Moustafa Majeedi    156

More Books …………………………………………………….  Gaby El-Khoury    162

Arabic Books: International Criminal Justice and National Sovereignty with Reference to the Arab Case; The Palestinian Military Experience: Notes on Theory and Performance; Putin’s War In Syria: The Russian Foreign Policy and the Price of US Absence; Soft Power in the Arab Regin (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran): A Study in Strategies and Impact.

English Books: The Future Is Degrowth: A Guide to a World beyond Capitalism; Iranian-Saudi Rivalry since 1979: In the Words of Kings and Clerics; The Rights Track: Sound Evidence on Human Rights and Modern Slavery.

Reports: The U. S. Role in Iraq’s Political Crisis: Guidelines for More Effective Engagement; Truce or Consequences?; Xi Jinping’s Guns of August.

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