Council of Nation of Algeria: Its Representative Dimensions and Role in Institutional Stability

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AuthorMohammed Amrane BoulifaDate5/2/2018No. of Pages320EditionfirstISBN9789953828237


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This book deals with the experience of the two-chamber system in Algeria, and focuses mainly on the Algerian National Assembly, which emerged from that system as a second legislative chamber – along with the National People’s Assembly – approved by the 1996 constitutional amendment.

This book also explains the adoption of the two-chamber system in Algeria primarily as a representative function, in a young united state with a modern democratic culture in a complex society characterized by multiple groups of a mainly tribal nature, and a heterogeneous political class. In this situation, the parliamentary dichotomy takes into account the specificities of Algerian society.

The book also deals with the functions, powers and effectiveness of the National Assembly, its role in ensuring institutional stability and balance between the authorities, and in promoting pluralism of representation that reflects the cultural, social and political diversity in Algeria, and thus contributes to political stability.

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