The emergence of the middle class in the Arab world, was different from the emergence of this class in Europe. The difference was not limited to the beginning of this existence, but also extends to its transformations. In the wake of the Arab Spring revolutions, there was considerable debate on the role of the middle class in these revolutions, and this motivated the research on which this paper is based, during the period from February 2011 until May 2013. The paper aims to track civilizational transformations (economic, political, social and cultural) that affect the structure of the Arab middle class since independence until the present, with a focus on the past decade.

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تحولات الطبقة الوسطى في الوطن العربي

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تحولات الطبقة الوسطى في الوطن العربي


key words:

Arab world

class structure

influential middle class

stable middle class

poor middle class

civilizational transformations

class formations

class consciousness

class relations