Centre for Arab Unity Studies

Fares Abi Saab

Director of the editorial department and Edit Manager of The Arab Future magazine (Al-Mustaqbal Al-Arabi)

Fares Is the Director of the Editorial Department and Al-Mustaqbal Al-Arabi magazine since 2012. As a researcher in social sciences, he has published a number of studies in Arab periodicals, and chapters in books, on various contemporary Arab or global issues, such as the political parties in the Arab world, the culture of political corruption, the crisis of democracy in Lebanon, Arabs and modernity, the Palestinian issue, and the Arab revolutions and the future of the Middle East… in addition to a number of studies and articles on various topics published in Lebanese or Arab newspapers.
From the beginning of the nineties until today, he has successively managed the editorial publishing of various studies departments in a number of Centers, including the Center for Arab Unity Studies (2012-2018), the Lebanese Center for Studies (1993-2006), and the Gulf Research Center (2006-2009), and the Financial Institute – Beirut (2009-2011). He contributed to the founding of the quarterly magazine Abaad (Beirut) and managed its editorship (1993-1997). He also contributed to the founding of the quarterly magazine Al-Sadisah (Beirut) and was its editor-in-chief (2011).
He holds a postgraduate diploma in development sociology from the Lebanese University.